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Masks Can Come Off, Says CDC, as First Adolescents Get Vaccinated in Hartford

Little more than an hour after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that fully vaccinated people do [...]

Know Your Ticks: These Can Get You Sick

Ticks don’t debate climate change. They just love warm weather. At the state’s Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, where [...]

What’s a COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection? Fully Vaccinated Yankees Find Out

The New York Yankees defied vaccine odds when two coaches and a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 this week [...]

Free Drinks. Free Doughnuts. Free Transportation. Free Tickets. For a COVID Vaccine?

It’s not exactly like buying a car, but what will it take for the under-30 crowd to get a COVID-19 [...]

Vitamin D vs. COVID: Mixed Results, But Here’s Why You Still Need the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, vitamin D was as hot as loungewear. Sales of the supplement [...]

At Groton High School, It’s Algebra, Phys Ed . . . and a COVID Shot

Heather Hanson of Groton had to be at her daughter’s high school, Fitch, Friday at 8 a.m. for Hartford HealthCare’s [...]


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Health Equity Podcast: Examining the Past, Present and Future

Hartford HealthCare’s  Sarah Lewis, Vice President of Health Equity at Hartford HealthCare, and Dr. John Santopietro, Physician-in-Chief of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral [...]

COVID-19 Long-Haulers: The Road to Recovery

“I have heard of people having symptoms past six months. These are the COVID long-haulers.” Dr. Subramani Seetharama, medical director [...]

Why it Doesn’t Matter Which COVID-19 Vaccine You Get

It is perhaps the most often-heard question related to COVID-19 right now: Which vaccine should I get? The answer is [...]

COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations During Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

Planning for the arrival of a baby or breastfeeding a little one is often a stressful time – without the [...]

COVID-19 Vaccine Fact-Check: Listen to This Infectious Disease Expert

Fears and misinformation prove unreliable guides when deciding whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine, currently in the first phase of [...]

The Science Behind the COVID-19 Vaccine with Dr. Sam Pope

In this special episode of the More Life podcast series, Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates sits down with Dr. Sam Pope, [...]

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