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Bringing more options, more hope to patients

The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute encompasses comprehensive cancer centers at five hospitals across Connecticut. Collectively, the cancer programs within the Cancer Institute treat more than 5,000 new cancer patients per year while caring for tens of thousands of existing patients, offering a full  range of innovative, evidence-based and personalized treatments designed to meet the needs of each individual patient.

The Cancer Institute’s membership in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance provides patients in Connecticut access to the most advanced, leading-edge treatments available anywhere.

The Cancer Institute is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission
on Cancer, one of a select few institutes nationwide to be recognized as a system,
rather than individual cancer centers.

For patients coming through our doors with a cancer diagnosis, this all means standardized care, more options and more hope. Read their stories...

  • Katie Poole

    “Going through chemotherapy is never fun, but I actually did find myself looking forward to my visits because it was just such a welcoming place for me.” - Katie Poole

  • Linda Choser

    “I embraced my cancer with love, and decided to learn from it.” - Linda Choser

  • John Hayes

    John has run more than 40 marathons so he knows how to work his body. But after being diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer, he took a chance on his body working for him.

  • Jean Sabatine

    "From the moment I was diagnosed, I tried to make this experience as positive as possible… but it was a lot easier with Lori by my side.” - Jean Sabatine

  • Margie Elkins

    “What you find out with a process like this is, it takes a long time to get through, and sometimes you don’t think you’re going to get there... but you have to keep going because what else can you do?” - Margie Elkins

  • Amy Daniele

    Like many moms, Amy Daniele has a full schedule, often based around her kids’ schooling and sports. It was while traveling to attend a karate tournament that she discovered the lump in her breast that was later diagnosed as cancer.

  • Heather Satlof

    Heather Satlof is a busy wife, mother and friend. On many mornings, you’ll find Heather conferring with confidantes at Dom’s Coffee Shop. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with breast cancer that she discovered how important those friendships could be.

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