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HealthCare Happenings July 2018

Connecting you to healthier through golf, plus tips on staying healthy (and cool) this summer!

Stars Dancing for Parkinson's

It was the first ever "Stars Dancing for Parkinson's" event as volunteers from all over the community and local media came together to raise money for Parkinson's research and awareness.





Nobody Knows your Heart Better

The Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institue includes the most talented and experienced physicians, the very latest technology, and a team of compassionate caregivers whose only goal is to help patients and their families fight heart disease, which is our nation’s number one killer.

Visit the Heart & Vascular Institute



Advances in Health

Advances in Health with Dr. Joshua Stein

Do you know the signs and symptoms of kidney stones? Dr. Joshua Stein is the chief of urology at The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

Advances in Health: Migraine Medication Breakthrough

A new migraine treatment medication - designed specifically for this purpose - has been approved by the FDA. Dr. Brian Grosberg of the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center says the treatment can be a game changer.


Protein: How to Unlock a Key to Weight Loss

Protein, protein, protein . . . Everywhere you look, it seems, someone is talking about the importance of protein and its role in weight loss and weight maintenance. So why is protein so important and what does it do? Proteins are commonly referred to as the building blocks of life. [...]

ICYMI: Highlights from The Rob Dibble Show June 2018

Did you miss the June 2018 live broadcast of The Rob Dibble Show featuring Hartford HealthCare‘s Dr. Cliff Rios and physical therapist Sarah Emlaw? Check out these podcasts and you’ll be completely up-to-date. The Connect To Healthier podcasts are free for streaming or download. Get them on Google Play, SoundCloud, iTunes, and [...]

PODCAST: The Future of the Patient Experience is NOW!

The patient experience is changing — and it’s being driven by any number of forces. These forces include baby boomers whose healthcare needs are increasing as they age, as well as their millennial adult children, who are now starting in earnest to make their own decisions about how, where and [...]

Why We Call This Medicine: Yoga, Art/Music Therapy, Reiki, Massage . . .

According to the National Institutes of Health, “integrative health or medicine” brings conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated evidenced-based approach to patient care. Integrative medicine includes a variety of modalities: Acupuncture. Stress reduction. Yoga. Nutrition. Reiki. Massage therapy. Art therapy. Music therapy. Tai chi. Qi gong. Physician consultations. [...]

Study: Dense Breasts a Breast Cancer Risk Factor

Genetics isn’t the only thing that can increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer – the density of her breasts also play a role, according to the results of a study recently published in the trade journal Radiology. Norwegian researchers studied more than 100,000 women and more than 300,000 [...]

Trouble Swallowing? A New Way to Treat Achalasia

For people living with swallowing disorders, feeling a choking sensation when they eat or drink is a common occurrence. But thanks to a newer, less invasive treatment option, people can find relief from these troublesome symptoms and gain a better quality of life. The swallowing disorder, more commonly known as [...]


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Popular Events

Monday, Jul 16, 2018, 11:00AM - 12:30PM

Joint Replacement Patient Education

This class is for patients who will undergo hip or knee replacement surgery, providing education on how to prepare for the surgery and [...]

Monday, Jul 16, 2018, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Group (DBSA)

Peer run support group for those who have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder. Registration is not required for this group. [...]

Monday, Jul 16, 2018, 1:00PM - 2:15PM

Bereavement Support Group

This group is open to any person who has experienced the loss of a loved one. You are welcome to attend as few or as many as you like; [...]

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